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Themed Livestream

20220429_openLooKeng WebUI Enhancements

New version:Introduction of openLooKeng v1.6.0

20220318_openLooKeng 2022 Road Map

20220121_Spilling in openLooKeng

20220107_Star Tree Optimizations and Join Query Support

20211224_openLooKeng-on-Yarn HA development

20211210_Memory Connector Enhancement Features

20211126_PostgreSQL connector update/delete introduction

20211112_Introduction of OmniData & OmniData Connector

20211029_openLooKeng community Activity Experience Sharing

20210917_openLooKeng Community Upstream Open Source Software Management Rules

20210903_openLooKeng Security Design Guide discussion

20210820_openLooKeng Join Order Selection using Reinforcement Learning with Tree-LSTM

20210806_Introduce the key features for low latency query

20210723_openLooKeng ON-YARN

20210709_HA AA Query High Concurrency improvement

openLooKeng v1.3.0 Feature Description Series

20210625_Brief introduction of openLooKeng1.3.0

20210611_Memory Connector Improvement

20210528_Hudi connector support

20210514_Distributed Snapshot - for Task Recovery

20210430_Introduction of OmniRuntime

20210416_Introduction of feature CTE

20210402_New functions of Web UI and Ranger integration

20210319_Introduction of Star Tree Index and UDF

20210219_HBase Connector-Performance Optimization

20210118_New features of openLooKeng v1.1.0

20201218_openLooKeng PMC responsibilities reviewing

20201204_User Cases: CMB and TPC-DS performance

20201112_The process of openLooKeng performance optimization

How to get more details about openLooKeng? Try it

How to add a connector in openLooKeng?

Hands on about openLooKeng on Diverse Data Sources

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