"Tryme" is Now Launched

Michael Li August 28, 2020

openLooKeng is a drop in engine which enables in-situ analytics on any data, anywhere, including geographically remote data sources. It provides a global view of all of your data via its SQL 2003 interface. With high availability, auto-scaling, built-in caching and indexing support, openLooKeng is ready for enterprise workload with required reliability.

Now you can try out this powerful engine for yourself. Register with either gitee or github in order to request a small openLooKeng trial cluster that is pre-loaded with sample data, and open public data sets. With this small cluster you’ll be able to query TPCDS, and TPCH data via the hive connector, query data sets from a remote openLooKeng cluster via the “Cross Region Connector”, and witness the performance gained through indexing and caching.

Visit https://tryme.openlookeng.io/ to request your free openLooKeng trial cluster now!