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openLooKeng v1.6.0 Officially Released

openLooKeng March 30, 2022

openLooKeng v1.6.0 is optimized in terms of spill to disk, low latency, connector enhancement, and task recovery, featuring higher performance and reliability and a broader space for innovation.

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openLooKeng v1.5.0 Officially Released

openLooKeng December 30, 2021

the community has attracted over 100,000 users and 2,000 pull requests, received 1,500 issues, and housed 1,500 comments. openLooKeng has been downloaded more than 100,000 times by users from 210 cities across 41 countries and regions.

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Move Forward Together, Thanks for Your Accompany

openLooKeng November 25, 2021

Since June 30, 2020, openLooKeng has been growing with everyone's attention. Those glittering moments are the sparks of community friends.

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openLooKeng v1.4.1 Officially Released - OmniData Implements Near-data Computing for Operators

openLooKeng November 12, 2021

openLooKeng v1.4.1 will officially go live on November 12. In addition to enhancement for earlier versions, openLooKeng v1.4.1 introduces the OmniData connector.

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openLooKeng v1.4.0 Officially Released

openLooKeng October 15, 2021

In October, openLooKeng v1.4.0 is officially released with optimizations based on partners' experience and suggestions, to improve the engine performance.

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openLooKeng v1.3.0 Official Released

openLooKeng June 30, 2021

To continuously provide partners with an optimal data analysis experience, openLooKeng iterates once every three months, with the most recent version (openLooKeng v1.3.0) released in June 2021. Based on partners' experience and suggestions, we enhanced existing features, and introduced new features to improve the engine performance.

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Open Source Promotion Plan OSPP Open for Applications

openLooKeng May 17, 2021

Enjoy building and maintaining open source software? Welcome to the Open Source Promotion Plan (OSPP), a long-running summer program organized by the Open Source Software Supply Chain Promotion Plan! Here in the openLooKeng community, we are excited to take part and help college students—perhaps you! —build a bright future for open source software. No matter where you are in the world, we can do it together.

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openLooKeng v1.6.1 Patch Released

openLooKeng April 27, 2021

openLooKeng v1.6.0 was released not long ago. According to users' voices and with the promotion of R&D engineers and community members, the patch version openLooKeng 1.6.1 is released.

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openLooKeng v1.2.0 Is Officially Released

openLooKeng March 31, 2021

In this March, openLooKeng V1.2.0 was released. Based on partners' experience and suggestions, some new technologies are applied to improve the engine performance and provide better experience.

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"Tryme" is Now Launched

Michael Li August 28, 2020

Now you can try out this powerful engine for yourself. Register with either gitee or github in order to request a small openLooKeng trial cluster that is pre-loaded with sample data, and open public data sets.

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