openLooKeng v1.7.0 Officially Released

openLooKeng |2022-06-30

It's summertime. Leaves are green, the weather is turning gorgeous. It's in such a beautiful season that the openLooKeng community celebrates its second anniversary. Building a vibrant big data ecosystem has always been every developer's dream, the openLooKeng community is no exception. Since open sourced in June 30, 2020, openLooKeng has iterated its versions every three months. It is dedicated to offering developers simplified data analysis in more industries scenarios.

On this special day, we are delighted to present you with the latest openLooKeng version — openLooKeng v1.7.0, which has the following new features:

Operator Processing Extension

Allows you to customize the physical execution plans of worker nodes. Allows you to replace the native implementation with your own operator pipelines to accelerate operator processing. Supports native operator calculation.

Task Recovery

1Enables query recovery by restarting the query, without capturing snapshots during query execution.

Displays snapshot statistics on the CLI in debug mode:

- Number of snapshots being captured currently

- Number of snapshots captured already

- Number of recovery times (either by resuming or restarting)

- Size of all the snapshots captured and time taken to capture the snapshots

- Size of snapshots restored and time taken to restore

3Resource Manager: Suspends or resumes a query when it consumes a large amount of memory and the memory is insufficient. You can suspend or resume a query (only in CTAS and INSERT INTO SELECT).

Adds customizable retry policies:

- Timeout based retry policy

- Max-retry based retry policy

5Adds Gossip based failure detection mechanism: The coordinator continuously monitors the worker nodes to detect whether they are alive by receiving periodic heartbeats. The Gossip mechanism enables all worker nodes to monitor each other, and let the coordinator know about their local knowledge on each other's availability. Gossiping can prevent premature query failure in the case of transient network faults in the cluster.

openLooKeng Web UI Enhancement

1openLooKeng audit log feature enhancements.
2openLooKeng SQL history query feature enhancements.
3SQL Editor supports automatic association.
4Supports the collection of common SQL statements.
5When a data source loads an exception, the front end can be displayed through exception tags and does not affect the normal operation of the openLooKeng service.
6The UI can display specific information about the data source (SHOW CATALOG).

openLooKeng Cluster Management

1Provides graphical indicator monitoring and customization to obtain key system information.
2Provides configuration management of service attributes to meet actual service performance requirements.
3Provides operations on clusters, services, and instances to meet one-click start and stop requirements.
4Provides the openLooKeng online deployment function and supports online upgrade.
5Provides the node scaling service.
6Integrates the existing WebUI of openLooKeng.
7The openLooKeng Manager tool supports user login and logout.

In the past two years, we have witnessed rapid growth of the openLooKeng community. This is all thanks to you, more than 120,000 developers from all over the world. It is your contribution that makes our community active and energetic.

From your first encounter with openLooKeng to your first line of code and PR, we believe those are your special memories with openLooKeng. So what do you want to say to openLooKeng on its second anniversary? Leave your comments here: https://gitee.com/openlookeng-competition/events-issue/issues/I5EKF3?from=project-issue

Download openLooKeng v1.7.0: https://openlookeng.io/en/download/

openLooKeng repositories: https://gitee.com/openlookeng

openLooKeng official website: https://openlookeng.io/en/

WeChat ID of the openLooKeng Assistant: openLooKengoss

Write down wishes for openLooKeng to win rewards: https://gitee.com/openlookeng-competition/events-issue/issues/I5EKF3?from=project-issue