openLooKeng v1.6.1 Patch Released

openLooKeng |2022-04-27

openLooKeng v1.6.0 was released not long ago. According to users' voices and with the promotion of R&D engineers and community members, the patch version openLooKeng 1.6.1 is released.

Data source statistics:

Added the method of obtaining statistics directly from the connectors. Some operators are pushed down to the connectors for computing. You can obtain statistics from the connectors to display the amount of processed data.https://gitee.com/openlookeng/hetu-core/pulls/1450 https://gitee.com/openlookeng/hetu-core/pulls/1451

Operator processing upgrade:

Added the function of customizing the physical execution plans of worker nodes. You can replace the native implementation with your own operator pipelines to accelerate operator processing.https://gitee.com/openlookeng/hetu-core/pulls/1436

Hive UDF upgrade:

Added the adapation to the Hive user-defined function (UDF) namespace to support UDFs (including GenericUDF) based on the Hive UDF framework.https://gitee.com/openlookeng/hetu-core/pulls/1455

You are welcomed to submit issues to openLooKeng Gitee repositories and share your experience and suggestions. Your voice may become the key to improving the performance of the openLooKeng engine.

openLooKeng repositories: https://openlookeng.io/

openLooKeng official website: https://gitee.com/openlookeng

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