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Dynamic Filtering

This section describes the openlookeng dynamic filtering features. Dynamic filtering is suitable for highly selective join scenarios, that is, most of the tables on the probe side are filtered out after reading because they do not match the join conditions.

Openlookeng generates dynamic filter conditions based on join conditions and data read from build side during query run, and is applied to the table scan stage of probe side table as an additional filter condition, to reduce the data volume of probe table participating in join operation and effectively reduce IO read and network transmission.


Openlookeng dynamic filtering is currently applicable to ‘inner join’, ‘semi-join’ and ‘right join’ scenarios, only can be applied to ‘hive connector’, ‘DC connector’ and ‘Memory connector’.


Openlookeng’s dynamic filtering feature depends on the distributed cache component. Please refer to the section Configuring HA to configure ‘hazelcast’. In ‘/ etc/ “The following parameters need to be configured.


The above attributes are described below:

  • enable-dynamic-filtering: Enable dynamic filtering feature.
  • dynamic-filtering-wait-time: Maximum waiting time for the dynamic filter to be ready, default to 1s.
  • dynamic-filtering-data-type: Set dynamic filtering data type, default to BLOOM_FILTER.
  • dynamic-filtering-max-size: Max dynamic filter size, cost based optimizer won’t create dynamic filter that has estimate size exceeding this value based on statistics, default to 1000000.
  • dynamic-filtering-max-per-driver-size: Max data size collected for dynamic filter per driver, default to 1MB.
  • dynamic-filtering-max-per-driver-row-count: Max data count collected for dynamic filter per driver, default to 10000.
  • dynamic-filtering-bloom-filter-fpp: Bloom filter FPP used for dynamic filtering, default to 0.1.

If applied to Hive connector: we should change catalog/


The above attributes are described below:

  • hive.dynamic-filter-partition-filtering: Filter out hive splits early based on partition value using dynamic filter, default to false.
  • hive.dynamic-filtering-row-filtering-threshold: Filter out hive rows early if the dynamic filter size is below the threshold, default to 2000.