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Fred Li | December 8, 2020 | Community Metrics

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Firstly, all the contributors’ contribution to openLooKeng community is appreciated.

In order to do the statistics on contribution of each contributor’s company/school/organization, the Infrastructure team has developed a function that requires each contributor to fill in their company information.

This blog is to guide contributors on how to fill in personal organizational information.


  1. Fork to your Gitee.

  2. on your local PC

git clone


git checkout -b NEW_BRANCH_NAME

vi ./om-data/data.yaml

Search your Gitee ID and then edit your profile. Then save it and quit.

git add. 

git commit

git push --set-upstream orgin NEW_BRANCH_NAME
  1. Creat a PR on your Gitee.

  2. Wait for PR reviewed and merged.

Data Structure

gitee_id: gitee login id
github_id: generalfuzz
  - company_name: Huawei
    organization_name: openlookeng
    end_date: '2015-10-31'
user_name: test

gitee_id(Mandatory): The gitee’s login account name, such as zhongjun2 in

github_id(Optional): Github login account name

company_name(Mandatory): Company name, if left blank, it will be listed as an independent organization (independent)

organization_name(Optional): The name of the organization under the company

end_date(Optional): The end time of this company. If left blank,it means now. Format: YYYY-MM-DD

user_name(Optional): The name displayed on the statistical board. If left blank,it will use gitee user name. github_id, gitee_id, etc. are displayed as user_name

emails(Optional): Email information used, such as emails that have subscribed to maillist, emails that registered gitee, emails that registered github

If you are in different comanies in different time, you can

  - company_name: CompanyA
    end_date: '2020-10-31'
  - company_name: CompanyB
    end_date: '2099-12-31'

If necessary, please visit for more information.

Questions or Suggestions?

Please send email to Remember to subscribe in if you have not.

Or you can create issues in

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